Vudu Wow Campaign
Under a quick turnaround, the request given was to create a new visual concept for a few broadcast commercials for Vudu. The campaign was  riffing on a previous concept that had been used, which intended to use movie scenes and "sound bites" as part of delivering the exciting message that "Vudu has free movies and TV shows."
After Effects and Illustrator
Art Direction: Edsel Dilag
Production: Michael Kelly
Social Media
Creating new concepts for social media and brand awareness of Vudu's sales and content. I designed and animated templates that were easy to resize to different formats, and easy to change colors to create new videos and share them with other designers. Concepts are intended for quick turnaround and to be used on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others.
Templatized social media, which promoted Vudu's core services and different features. Others like the one above were used to showcase promotions and new movie releases.
After Effects, Sketch and Illustrator
Storyboard for the last concept in production.
Motion samples of produced concepts and testing ideas.
Smart TV Storefronts
Sample of ads that were created to create awareness of Vudu releases and content available to trigger purchases in different Smart TV Storefronts.
Created ads for platforms like Samsung TV, Sony Android TV, Google Play, and Roku. Each ad would be optimized, so the CTA was upfront and I also took advantage of the possibilities and guidelines provided by each platform.
After Effects, Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere.
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