About Me

My name is André de Matheu. I am from Costa Rica and currently live in the Bay Area.
I started my career as a cinematographer, but fell in love with the post-production process in the way, transitioning into a full-time Motion Designer. 
On the way, I have worked in post-production studios, directed video proposals and gotten submerged into the tech UX world.
Durning the last few years I have learned a lot about the tech industry and have enjoyed becoming a mentor to introduce other designers to motion and how that is beneficial both for both marketing and product uses.
Contact me at: dematheudesign@gmail.com or even add me on Instagram: adematheu
Fun Facts:
-Tea and Beer drinker
-Soccer 'Crazy' Fanatic
-Beard All The Time
-Plant Collector (Way too many plants...)
-Movie Geek
-After Effects Mentor
-Passionate About Illustration
-Enjoy Teaching
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