Homepage Ad | Frozen 2

Home page ads are the largest and most prominent merchandisable area on the Vudu Homepage website. It only appears on the desktop and mobile homepage. And it can feature either motion or static banners.
After Effects, Sketch and  Photoshop
I was in charge of this area of our product for the past 2 years. First taking the lead in creating new and exciting animations. In addition to further building relationships with Hollywood Studios, and serving as liaison to secure high-quality layered artwork and also movie trailers. After the animations were finished, they were sent to the respective studios for approval. 
During this process, I helped clean out the guidelines that were established for the motion banners. This helped to direct other designers into creating these motion banners or even guiding the film studios who on some occasions wanted to create the videos themselves. The most important part was to create motion-specific guidelines so the motion would be consistent even if all the artwork was different, but the visual motion language remained very similar.
Guidelines include Length restrictions, asset resolution, file size restrictions, ideal format, as well as safe zones.
Designs were composed of three main elements: 
1) Key Art    2) Movie Logo     3) Call To Action
As for the animation guidelines: The video should include a cut of the movie trailer to inform the theme of the movie. Animation of the vital art should aim to create a cinematic scene with visual effects and parallax. Finally, to attain accessibility guidelines, avoid any crazy color or light flashes, explosions, or any violence.
Final Results
Over 4 designers created motion videos year-round. The team finalized over 250 videos since starting to work at Vudu. Getting great results and engagement from the studios.
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