My Flippin' Friends (HGTV)

Living Room scene from the Pilot of My Flippin' Friends. Used bright colors to create pop theme.

Created the full graphics package including ideas for titles, lower thirds, and design 3D graphics.
After Effects, Illustrator and Cinema 4D.
1)Title treatment, 2) Sample of each room modeled, 3) Lower Thirds 
Down To The Studs(HGTV)

Exterior graphic from the pilot of Down to the Studs.

Created the design graphics for the pilot, which included realistic, stylized renders using architectural render Corona.​​​​​​​
After Effects, Illustrator, Cinema 4D and Corona Render.
Wrench Against the Machine (Esquire Network)
Collaborated in the creation of the full graphics package, which included lower third templates, the primary logo for the show, bumpers, and the design graphics throughout the season.
Started by doing hand-drawn ideas for the logo as the producers wanted the show to have a rugged and hand-written feel. After sketching, I did an extensive session of picking the best options and scanning them to a digital super hi-res version. After this, I proceeded to use Illustrator to trace them and create many rugged-looking versions of the logo. After which one of the versions was selected as the favorite. At this point I created animations for the intro titles for the show, using AE and using flickering and stop-motion-like techniques. Proceeding to emulate this aesthetic with digitalized art for the lower thirds and bike graphics.
 After Effects,  Photoshop, and Illustrator.
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