​​​​​​​Worked alongside agency Rogers Townsend and the St.Louis native supermarket brand, Schnucks, in their re-branding. This included TV commercials and online content. We created a campaign of fourteen 15-second TV spots, which included seasonal branding and another fourteen spots for their social channels.
Adobe Premiere and After Effects

Social version of the Apple Picking Spot.

Thanksgiving Themed Spot For Facebook

Each product was shot in a green or blue screen matte, and some even in their cyan blue native background, so it was easy to composite them into the final composition of the spots. I provided on-set experience as the VFX Supervisor working alongside FK Studio and the director Ashley Gieseking.  Additionally, I created quick mockups for the agency of some of the compositions and the CG items to get approval and narrow down the post-production time.
The post-production process started with editing the footage to get the right fit of the product on a 15-second spot, having multiple composite clips one on top of the other, and using time warps to modify their speeds. After locking the cut, the shots were rotoscoped in After Effects and composited into the backdrop and the background elements. Finally, some spots needed some CGI effects like the magnifying apple.  A color correction pass was given to all spots, and several rounds of cuts were sent to the agency and clients.
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