Wilderness (2019)
Software: Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve
Shot in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State with a Sony FS5 and a DJI Mavic Pro. The intent of the director and music composer, Philip Anderson, was to spend a few days in the wilderness in Washington State. Using as an inspiration 3 music tracks of his upcoming album, he and DP Grant Boutiette shot exuberant and raw nature to create a visual narrative for each of the tracks.
Videos were edited in chronological order, as their intended release. Edited them in my home bay, as I weekly communicated with Philip. The process was long as there was a massive log of 4K footage to review with extended takes where any second could be the magical nature moment we were expecting. The turnaround took around 2+ months and ended with an overall color grade in DaVinci Resolve. 

Portraits (2018)
Software: Adobe Premiere.
The project was edited for music composer Philip G. Anderson. The video showcases a ballet routine and portraits of different actors portraying three different emotions (happiness, sadness, and anger). For the editing process, the idea was to match the pace of the ballet routines and the different portraits to the emotional beats of the music.

The video was edited remotely, with consistent communication with Philip, who was also directing the video. I received 4K Raw Pro Res 444 files transcoded from the Sony camera. I had a day and a half worth of footage and edited for around 3 weeks. After this, I met up with Philip and locked, and color-graded the cut.
Philip G. Anderson - Music Composer and Director
Grant Boutiette - Director of Photography (Wilderness)
Eric Waldron - Director of Photography (Portraits)
Always Present (2023)

Created the seamless transitions to stitch the latest music film by Philip Anderson, Always Present.
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