Cinema 4D
I collaborated on this project with my colleagues from Coolfire Studios. We were tasked to design the 2017 LouFest's Promo Video. Our team took full creative lead on this project and created flat 3D illustrations to showcase iconic places in St. Louis and connected every scene with a musical theme. 
We created a list of iconic areas in St. Louis and paired each with an artist and a musical element that represented the artist. Scenes were later created in Cinema 4D, which were then rendered and edited together. A big part of the process was creating a color palette that played along with the branding of the event. The team created multiple deliverables from the main video, which included: social media posts, a 30 and 60-second broadcast TV spot, and videos for the screens at the venue.

Art Direction/Animation/Edit: Patrick Vaughan 
Design/Animation: Michael Kearns  
Design/Animation: André de Matheu
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