Botimbo is a company that delivers pet food and necessities door-to-door in Bolivia. The company launched in 2019 as a result of many other companies fighting over the delivery market in Latin America and soon found customers with the COVID-19 pandemic. Their original launch plan was to connect to users using WhatsApp and social media.
The intended demographic for the company is well-versed and very reliant on using WhatsApp. However, Whatsapp is limiting users by having to connect with a human being in order to place an order.
Creating new branding for the company in order to attract new users and also eventually launch an online website that gives more functionality to users.  The new branding was expected to expand into social media, the website, and other outer-facing products from the company. As well as relate to new users and help them stand out by having a modern look and feel. 
I connected on my first call with the client and understood they wanted to rebrand their company with a new video campaign as well as create a unique visual identity.  I proceeded to first brainstorm and look for visual references. 


Next Steps:
The client was very excited about the visual concepts and proceeded to order the creation of a full video campaign, as well as social media assets to change their presence in a few different mediums. A script was written in collaboration with the client. As well as two visual frames were designed for the client to pick a direction. Having picked the first concept referred to above. 
Follow up:
As the client received great reviews from users for their new branding, they decided to proceed with the second phase of their plan which was to use the visual brand created in order to create a landing page. This site would have information about the company and would allow users to further explore their catalog and areas of coverage of service. The client wanted the website the following information: A link to open a WhatsApp conversation, how the delivery works, the full catalog of products that they offer, as well as the areas of Bolivia in which they deliver. 
I proceeded to make sketches of the website and conceptualize new interactions with customers. First and foremost would be the link to WhatsApp as that was their only way for clients to order. Second, we would fulfill the user's needs by helping add the catalog and brands of food that they offered (as it was the most common question asked by users on WhatsApp). Third, we would explain what type of services they offered for any new clients.  Finally, have a map with all the locations in Bolivia in which they deliver. ​​​​​​​
Both desktop and mobile platforms were designed and published. The desktop version had a parallax animation that animated as it scrolled. As well, as a few animations in the webpage in the delivery section that were achieved using sprite sheets. The animations were used as a purpose to tell a story. First, the delivery car goes into the city to tease what the intent of the company is, and then the step-by-step tutorial of how the user uses the services is also explained with animation, so the eye of the use can slowly pan and understand the interaction. 
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